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" As an amputee with lower sciatica pain, I suffer from all sorts of back, hip and neck pain. I also suffer with swelling of my left leg from favoring my prosthetic limb when uncomfortable. Bianca has helped me to relieve pain and relax my body so that I am able to walk better and have better posture. This is crucial in my life with a disability. Bianca is very caring, nurturing and understanding of how your body moves and doesn’t move. Limb loss can be a very sensitive area and the connection between limb and loss of limb can result in phantom pain, Bianca has been able to help me work through that pain. I love how she checks in with you after her sessions, genuinely caring about your body. No other massage therapist has reconnected my brain to my lost limb through massaging my nerves. It’s a very special and humbling feeling. Please don’t hesitate to book in, you will not regret this investment in your health". Sheree Bochow

'I see Bianca regularly for Reflexology and Remedial Massage, Bianca is a beautiful soul with amazing talent and skill. I always leave feeling refreshed and reenergised after one of her sessions and always book my next session in advance due to her popularity. I highly recommend booking some time with Bianca! ''Jordana Thompson 


" I have been struggling with chronic neck pain for a number of years and had various treatments from Physiotherapy to chiropractic and massage. I was about to undertake surgery when I came across Bianca. She has been able to relieve me of the neck and shoulder  pain I was constantly suffering. Her massage technique is unlike any massage I have had before and I have had regular massages over many years trying to get relief. I can unequivocally recommend Bianca. Give her a try!!! " Lionel McElroy  


"I have been having regular remedial massages with Bianca for over two years now and l have to say how beneficial they have been for me.

Bianca listens to you to understand your pain and mobility issues and addresses the problems with her excellent massage technique which for me has resulted in significantly improving my mobility.

I would recommend Bianca to anyone who needs a remedial massage. "Alan Scott


"It’s lovely to find a massage therapist who sincerely cares about you the way Bianca does and she takes so much care to ensure your treatment targets all areas of concern.

Bianca picks up on exactly what I need with only a few words from me, I always leave feeling wonderful. I am so happy that I came to Bianca for help realigning my body.

Don’t procrastinate, book in today, I couldn’t recommend her highly enough." Julie Crisp


"I just cannot recommend Bianca highly enough.  Not only is she extremely good at what she does, but she is a consummate professional with a deeply caring and compassionate manner.  She certainly instils a level of confidence in her treatments and knowledge of the body and this translates into a totally satisfying experience.  Her commitment to her clients is so genuine and I couldn’t speak highly enough as to her professionalism and competency.  She has been truly wonderful find".  Cherie Beilken

"Time with Beautiful Bianca soothes the scourge of stress into sumptuous serenity. Blessings xx" Kären Ashton

"For roughly 3 years now I have been seeing Bianca. I broke my right foot and ankle in 8 places in 2018 and from the accident I also sustained DVT, Bianca has been able to given me full mobility of my ankle and foot so I can walk normally and not have it cease up on me, I also do not have DVT anymore and I am no longer on blood thinners as she works on my whole body also completing various massage techniques, cupping and acupuncture procedures.  Prior to finding Bianca no one could touch my body because of the pain I was in. I am truly grateful for everything she does and has done for me and have no hesitation in recommending her and her magical hands!" Freida Dopper

"Bianca provides that extra special something when you go to her for a massage:  she truly listens to you, then she listens to what your body is telling her, she uses a variety of techniques to provide a great massage just the way your body needs it, she gives you feedback straight after the massage, then checks again with you the following day to see how you are going.  It’s no wonder her massages are so popular – I’m very happy she works in the Noosa area."   Lyn Wrigley


"Every time I see Bianca, my energy is completed renewed.

I highly recommend everyone to have this experience with her." Georgia Bartolo

"I have been seeing Bianca for over 3 years now, my wife found Bianca for me after her doing her research on who is what I would say is the best on the Sunshine Coast. I am a Commerical Electrician, I can suffer a lot of muscular and joint pain or discomfort from the repeatative works I do. Initially I was seeing Bianca monthly, now I see her roughly every 6 to 8 weeks, she uses many techniques (deep tissue, trigger point therapy, acupressure point, myofascial release) I  honestly do the 90minutes with Bianca you won’t be disappointed. For any wives and girlfriends reading this, she is honestly professional and you have nothing to worry about, having full mobility with no discomfort when at work is what we tradies need. "Trent Dopper

"I have been going to Bianca for a number of years and she is the most wonderful, warm and caring practitioner. She is highly skilled, generous with her time and is conscious about meeting the clients therapeutic needs each and every visit. Her sessions are a highlight in my busy schedule - both efficacious and soothing. She always reminds me about self-care and allows me to receive the benefits of great massage with the understanding it is one of life’s necessities". Phoebe O'Mullane

"Bianca gives the most healing and relaxing massages.  She really takes the time to understand your body type and any particular concerns and then tailors the treatment accordingly.  Bianca’s positive and caring energy is such a delight and makes for a wonderful experience despite any level of pain or discomfort you might be feeling.  I would highly recommend Bianca!"

Krista Fergusson

"Beautiful Bianca, what can I say except I feel calmer just thinking about my next session with you! 

I hope others believe that they too are worthy and surrender their stresses through your idyllic indulgence session. To step into your soothing sanctuary and surrender to the scents selected by your extensive knowledge of aromatherapy … to feel your composure, experience your healing hands and fleetingly float off into faraway land… if only I did not have to wait!" Kären Ashton

"Bianca is a breath of fresh air – she has lovely generous energy, really knows what she is doing and is very focused on giving her clients the best experience she can.  I always come away feeling refreshed, revitalised and nurtured.  Bianca makes a point of checking in to see how I am going the day after my treatment, and to me, this demonstrates not only her professionalism, but also her commitment to my health and her caring nature. I would not hesitate to recommend Bianca to anyone who needs her services".

Anne Patterson

"Bianca is fantastic at relieving my upper back, shoulder and neck pain from sitting at a desk all day. 

Bianca is a calming, caring soul and I feel like I have visited a friend." Trina Sands


"After the massage I am relaxed and refreshed.

Bianca has an intuitive feel for the needs of a damaged/tired body, your genuine concern for your clients is inspiring.  I get off your table feeling healed, advised and better. " Adrian Cafferkey

"l have been an endurance athlete for more than 30 years. In that time I learnt the importance of massage for recovery and general well-being. There are few therapists that really connect and intuitively know what is needed and specifically where. That's Bianca's special skill." Dave Royle

"My husband and I have been clients of Bianca for a number of years. She is absolutely amazing as a masseuse and reflexologist. Bianca has always gone out of her way to make sure we are relaxed and have an exceptional experience. I would happily recommend her for pregnancy, relaxation, reflexology. We will continue to support her in her business". Rachel Trigg 

"My work involves long hours in a car, irregular sleep patterns and heavy lifting. Add in a love of boxing, gym and dancing and its a recipe for muscle soreness. Bianca has been absolutely amazing at keeping me in check. She is a true professional, highly knowledgeable and a beautiful spirit. Absolutely recommend! " Amy Bell Chambers

" I had a beautiful baby called Emilia on the 30th of May. This was my second pregnancy.
This time I decided to look after myself in order to have an active labour and be more aware of my body and its power. This time around I also felt a lot of pelvic pain since the beginning of my pregnancy, the type that you have pain to get out of bed.
So I decided to have regular massages to easy the pain and enjoy the journey of pregnancy.
Then Bianca Lopes came across my life and I really need to share this fact: she has healing hands and made my way throughout pregnancy so much better. So, if you are pregnant and in need of a massage and healing hands, I strongly suggest you to see Bianca, you will love her!" - Marina de Bortoli

"I have been seeing Bianca for the past year and half for regular massages. She is amazing at her practice! Not only is she super professional and knowledgeable, but she's also the biggest sweetheart and truly cares about her clients. As a hairdresser, I am working on my feet all day and takes it toll on my body. Bianca always knows what to do to keep my body in check and so I'm able to perform my best in the salon. I cannot recommend her enough!"  ​Michelle Champney - Hairdresser

"I have chronic lower back pain and have been seeing Bianca for Remedial Massage & Reflexology for a couple of years now. She followed me during pregnancy as well. I always feel better after our sessions and the benefits are long lasting. Bianca is very caring, highly experienced, knowledgeable and truly passionate about her work." ​

Paula Magrani - Pilates & Yoga Instructor

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