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Reflexology is a holistic, noninvasive modality which applies pressure and soothing techniques to the areas of feet.
It stimulates the circulation to restore energy flow helping clear blockages which may have occurred due to stress, toxins, illness, emotions and injury.
Sessions usually last between 50 minutes to an hour and the pressure used will be adjusted to your level of sensitivity.
A series of sessions may be required if the condition is of a chronic nature.
Regular reflexology sessions are beneficial in maintaining health and wellbeing.
The proven benefits of Reflexology are:

- Reduces stress;

- Balances the nervous system;

- Improves sleep quality;

- Boosts lymphatic function;

- Improves circulation; 

- Detoxifies the body;

- Enhances the body’s natural healing process;

- Balances all body systems.

* High quality essential oils are included in all treatments as per clients needs & consent. 

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