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Remedial Massage - My First Step into Healing

Updated: May 16, 2020

Nice to Meet you!

Hi Everyone, I am Bianca Lopes ;)

As a Remedial Massage & Reflexology Therapist I will use this space to share my experience and different ways to look after our body holistically. I can't wait to share my own experience with you guys! Stay tuned!

What is a holistic approach?

A holistic approach looks for fundamental underlying issues, rather than only addressing symptoms.

Far behind

When I first got in contact with the Massage field 6 years ago to be precise, I thought my future role would be only bringing relaxation and wellbeing to people's physical bodies. The idea of making people feel less stressed and a bit happier after a Massage session sounded like a good music to my ears. At that time my mind and focus were totally immerse into the Anatomy & Physiology contents and I was putting a lot of effort to get through those subjects and to finally be able to finish my certification.

At the stage I was far behind to understand that our bodies are much more than tissues, arteries, muscles, organs and veins.

Time has passed

When I finally finished my Diploma in Remedial Massage & Reflexology I found myself excited and ready to go out there and to find my first official job as therapist. With butterflies in my tummy I created the "Head to Soul - Massage & Wellbeing" and after working from home for a while I gained some confidence I was in the right path and ready for new adventures. Want to know more? Stay tuned!

In this space I will be sharing cases & experiences that along my journey have made me understand that our bodies are much more than a big piece of flesh but instead a complex matrix with a huge amount of endless energy. It's our job to look after it, zooming in and out and finding the answers along the way. It will be a huge pleasure to share my experiences and knowledge with you :)

With LOVE and Till next time,

Bianca Lopes

Head to Soul - Massage & Wellbeing

Remedial Massage in Noosa/Noosaville | Reflexology | Pregnancy massage

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